The Complete Fertility & TCM Treatments Course

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Over the years, I have seen how amazing TCM is when it comes to fertility. I have helped countless patients conceive and deliver healthy babies. I created this course to fast track you to treating fertility patients successfully, whether they go the IVF route or decide to conceive naturally.


The Complete Fertility and TCM Treatments Course


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"I've just taken this fertility course, and there is everything you need to know in details. It's really amazing! Thanks Clara."

- Marco

“I have already gone through 3 of the modules and I'm getting so much from them, so thank you very much!...You have a very engaging personality and the way you present the information is very concise and logical (and you always go back to first principles) - a great combo in my opinion!” 

- Barbara

“I purchased your Fertility Course and I would just like to say that it is fantastic!...I am already seeing such better results with my fertility clients since taking your fertility course.  And also my understanding and confidence in treating fertility is also increased. So, thank you so much.” 

- Tania

"I just want to say thank you for all the work you are doing with AcuPro Academy, LOVE IT!! You are doing a fantastic job, love the notes, courses, and videos."

- Brandi

“I love your energy and personality! Your love for your work shines through in your teaching. I appreciate that you have distilled the info down to make it simple and easy to follow!”

- Kris

Do you feel your TCM education truly prepared you to treat fertility patients in the modern world? 

I sure didn't! Back in 2004, when I finished my 5 year TCM program, I felt completely inadequate and unprepared to treat fertility patients coming through my doors. So I decided to immerse myself in the fertility world. I read many books, attended conferences, took seminars, and met with reproductive endocrinologists in my area. 

Today I want to share with you my years of experience in treating fertility patients successfully. This is why I created The Complete Fertility & TCM Treatments Course. 


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I’m dedicated to offering quality courses. I truly love educating, inspiring and entertaining my students. I’m passionate about helping you become more confident, and more skilled in TCM. But if you feel this course didn’t deliver and you didn’t benefit from it at all, then by all means, let me know and I will refund you 100% of your investment!

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If you haven't seen any of my Facebook posts, TCM videos, or watched any of my FREE courses yet, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Clara Cohen and my passion is helping dedicated practitioners like you, change the world one patient at a time. I’ve been teaching TCM to future acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors since 2008. I love to get my students engaged and tell them compelling stories, to help them understand the power of Chinese medicine. My goal is to share my passion for TCM, and empower every practitioner to achieve superior patient care.

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