Do you see a lot of patients with insomnia? Depression? Anxiety? Do you have patients wanting to get off their medications? Would you like to become more proficient in treating their mental illnesses? And get great results?

Over the years, I have seen how amazing TCM is when it comes to mental disorders. I have helped countless patients get off their antidepressants, and sleeping pills. Are you ready to improve YOUR skills and go to the next level?


TCM Treatments for Mental Disorders Course


Why this course will help you achieve results:

  • You’ll get the TCM treatment protocols for 4 common mental disorders.
  • You’ll learn what supplements, eastern nutrition and other techniques may be useful to address your patients’ unique TCM patterns and syndromes.
  • You’ll enjoy learning on your own time, at your own pace, from anywhere.
  • You’ll be able to download the PDF version of the slides, to have them at your fingertips anytime.
  • You’ll get some theory, but mostly practical treatment protocols that you can apply daily in your practice.
  • 15 to 30 minute video courses: long enough to absorb the material and short enough to stay focused.
  • After watching this course, you’ll be able to write a short quiz, and earn 2 continuing education hours. However, you should check with your association to see if you’re eligible to earn CE from online courses.

“Clara has an incredible ability to explain and teach TCM concepts with ease and clarity. She “unscrambled” many TCM concepts that were previously difficult for me to understand and retain. Her vivacious and enthusiastic personality has helped me fall in love with a healing modality dear to my own culture; one that I had almost left behind due to growing up in the Western World. Thank you Professor Cohen!” Kira

Breakdown of The Course

Here’s the 4 most common mental disorders that are covered in this course:

  • 1

    Module 1: Anxiety

  • 2

    Module 2: Depression

  • 3

    Module 3: Insomnia

  • 4

    Module 4: ADHD

This is what you’ll learn in each module:

  • Introduction: TCM view on anxiety, depression, insomnia and ADD.
  • Possible causes according to TCM.
  • An in-depth look at each possible TCM pattern, including symptoms for that syndrome.
  • Acupuncture treatment protocols for each TCM pattern.
  • Treatment options, such as auricular acupuncture and other TCM techniques.
  • Eastern nutrition and possible supplements for each syndrome.

The TCM Treatment for Mental Disorders Course is FOR YOU if:

  • You are a new acupuncturist who is committed to taking your Chinese Medicine knowledge to the next level.
  • You are a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about TCM, but needs to improve your skills.
  • You are ready to learn TCM online, and use it to apply it in your practice.
  • You are a TCM student who wants to get a better grasp of this amazing medicine.

This Course is NOT for you if:

  • Your bedtime read is the Shan Han Lun.
  • You have advanced TCM knowledge and studied under TCM masters.
  • You buy courses but never watch them.

Because I really want to make sure you’ll get the most out of this course, I have included the following BONUSES:

TCM treatment protocols for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

A real case study, where I show you an easy way to make the right TCM diagnosis, and form a treatment plan.

Look What Other People Had to Say...

“You are amazing, Clara! Love that you are doing this and can't wait to learn more from your brilliant mind :). Seriously - your passion and energy inspires a lot of us to learn more about TCM - much appreciated always.”


“Seriously I am addicted! You are funny and such an amazing TCM embodying acupuncturist. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your involvement - in ‘my’ life.”


The right TCM diagnosis + The right TCM treatment = Amazing results with patients!

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Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Clara Cohen and my passion is helping dedicated practitioners like you, change the world one patient at a time. I’ve been teaching TCM to future acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors since 2008. I love to get my students engaged and tell them compelling stories, to help them understand the power of Chinese medicine. My goal is to share my passion for TCM, and empower every practitioner to achieve superior patient care.

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